Sudha Prathikanti, MD
Curriculum Vitae




1980-86          University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
                        B.S. Degree: Double Major in Biomedical Sciences/ Anthropology

1986-90          University of Michigan Medical School, Ann Arbor
                        M.D. Degree

1990-94          University of California, San Francisco
                        Psychiatric Residency

1994-95          Travel Abroad, visiting India's diverse cultural regions

1995-96          University of California, San Francisco
                        Clinical Fellowship: Psychiatric Consultation to OB/GYN Patients

2001-02          University of California, San Francisco
                        Teaching Scholars Program

2004               University of California, San Francisco
                        Training in Clinical Research: Summer Program

2005-06          Ayurveda Institute of America, California Campus
                        Diplomate, Ayurvedic Health Sciences



1992                California Medical License

1993                Drug Enforcement Administration License

1998                Certification in Psychiatry, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology

2014                Certification, American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine



1980                University of Michigan Regents Alumni Award

1980-84          Michigan Competitive Scholarship

1992-93          American Psychiatric Association/ Mead Johnson Fellow in Public Psychiatry

1993-94                  American Psychiatric Association/ NIMH Fellow in Cross-cultural Psychiatry

2001-02          UCSF School of Medicine Teaching Scholar Award

2002-03          UCSF Library Instructional Grant for Curriculum Development

2008                Mental Insight Foundation Pilot Research Grant

2008                Pritzker Foundation Award

2010                Mt. Zion Health Fund Research Grant



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