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Integrative Psychiatry


Ancient cultures throughout the world have recognized that emotional vibrancy and well-being spring from a life lived in balance:   a life of harmonious co-existence with nature, sustained by wholesome foods, rich with both energizing and calming physical activity, and affirming one's integral connection with the community as well as the cosmos. In such a context, one's spirit is strong and resilient, with the capacity to embrace and grow from the pain and loss which are a natural part of human life.

In modern-day culture, often divested from these elements of a balanced life, emotional wellness can be far more elusive. If physical illness, interpersonal loss or chronic pain enter one's life, nurturing the spirit becomes especially challenging. Sometimes, there is a sense of losing one's spirit entirely and this may manifest as anxiety, depression, or difficulty with self-care.

In situations like these, restoring one's emotional health means attending to the mutiple aspects of being that have been disrupted. Dr. Prathikanti is committed to helping her patients explore how biological, nutritional, interpersonal, environmental and spiritual factors may each be involved in restoring psychological well-being.

In the service of helping her patients heal, Dr. Prathikanti combines the best-proven conventional psychiatric treatments with the best-proven remedies from ancient wisdom traditions such as Ayurveda, yoga, and Traditional Chinese Medicine.



Chronic Pain
Grief & Bereavement
Relationship Problems
Premenstrual Mood Disorders
Lifecycle Transitions like

An Integrative Psychiatry Consultation results in a treatment plan that is specific and unique to each individual. The treatment plan may include any combination of the following:

Conventional Psychotherapies
Conventional Pharmaceuticals
Botanical/Herbal Remedies
Nutritional counseling
Therapeutic Massage
Yoga and Movement
Meditation and Relaxation
Mandala Drawing
Dreamwork and Symbology
Guided Visualization

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